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Design.Develop.Build project featured in Arch+ Think Global, Build Social

Think global, build social! is the title of this issue. It’s also the title of an exhibition curated by Andres Lepik for the Deutsche Architekturmuseum and the Architekturzentrum Wien (for which this issue serves as a catalog). But Think global, build social! is something else as well: a program for a new architecture that promotes emerging practical and professional perspectives. Under this banner, the issue and exhibition bring together projects from the world over—projects that call to mind the debates surrounding the Heimatschutzarchitektur of the 1910s (a movement that sought to protect local building traditions on the eve of modernism) or the Critical Regionalism of the 1970s. In contrast to their conservative iterations in the last century, however, concepts like homeland, landscape, and region can no longer be marshaled in the culture wars against the inexorable progress of modernization. The very frontiers of civilization and culture have been redrawn along a  new axis—that of the global and the local. With any luck, this realignment will resolve the Western schism between civilization and culture and advance new forms of cultural production as well. …

January 2013

Advances in Cement and Concrete Technology in Africa

January 28th – 30th 2013; Emperor’s Palace, Johannesburg

Prof. Judith Reitz will be presenting the paper <<Sustainable Building Prototypes>> by J. Reitz, D. Baerlecken, B. Heiermann,and P. Molestina.